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We have many wonderful resources in the Waterloo Region area that can help provide support for ourselves and our loved ones to help us AGE in PLACE.   

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I am a life long resident of Wilmot/Wellesley Township who knows first hand how hard it is trying to find the right resources when trying to help loved ones in need.  I have supported and cared for many loved ones through the aging process and I am looking forward to helping you and your loved ones as well!

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As the number one resource for Seniors and Care Givers in Wilmot, Wellesley & Woolwich Township, we want to help you promote local events that benefit our readers.

Do you have an announcement about a new business, upcoming event or community project?

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Med synchronization

Did you know?



of Canadians with  chronic diseases are non-adherent to their medications



of medication-related hospitalizations are caused by non-adherence


Taking medications as prescribed is one of the most effective ways to manage ongoing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and high cholesterol.

How MedAlign helps 

· Convenience and peace of mind – reminder systems reduce the chances of running out of medications or forgetting refills.

· Increased adherence with easier refills.

· Better health outcomes due to better understanding of and adherence to medication.

· Involvement in other pharmacy services such as chronic disease management and prevention.

Patients can choose to join MedAlign simply by telling us. We’ll send for any necessary authorizations to get their medications synchronized.

Patients may also benefit from blister packaging, which organizes medication in a clearly labelled and easy-access card. This can be helpful for people who have difficulty remembering to take their medication, as it’s easy to see what medication you’ve already taken and what you still have to take.


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