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We have many wonderful resources in the Waterloo Region area that can help provide support for ourselves and our loved ones to help us AGE in PLACE.   

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I am a life long resident of Wilmot/Wellesley Township who knows first hand how hard it is trying to find the right resources when trying to help loved ones in need.  I have supported and cared for many loved ones through the aging process and I am looking forward to helping you and your loved ones as well!

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As the number one resource for Seniors and Care Givers in Wilmot & Wellesley Township, we want to help you promote local events that benefit our readers.

Do you have an announcement about a new business, upcoming event or community project?

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Featured Business of the Month

Hemmerich Hearing Center



“Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.”  

-Helen Keller

Our hearing is the only one of our senses that is constantly active, even when we sleep. It continually supplies us with vital information as well as stimulates us to experience emotions and recall memories. Our hearing is important: at work, on social occasions, for our personal safety, when we learn, and with our loved ones.

We also don’t want to miss nature’s sounds: the birds’ songs, the autumn leaves rustling, the waves crashing and the crackling sounds of a cozy fire. If you have some difficulty hearing it pays to get checked by a hearing care professional. Their main goal is to ensure your hearing is the best it can be so that any hearing loss you may have interferes as little as possible with your life.

Healthy hearing for life begins with a hearing test. We all need to take responsibility for our hearing health.

If you have any questions related to your hearing concerns, please contact

Hemmerich Hearing Center @ 519-662-6884 or lynneh@hemmerichhearing.com

or visit our office at 10 Waterloo St. New Hamburg

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