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Advertising with Embracing Change


We are a monthly publication dedicated to improving the lives of the Aging Population and their Caregivers in the Wilmot, Wellesley & Woolwich Township area. 

Embracing Change is published monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. All submissions are due by the 10th of each month prior to the publication date. 

Distribution: Embracing change is distributed in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, dental offices and other businesses throughout Wilmot, Wellesley & Woolwich Township. Visit our website for a complete list of distribution locations and partners. It is also available online at

Deadlines: Ad submissions are due by the 10th of the month prior to publication. Eg: Ads for the September issue are due by the 10th of August.

2019 RATES ~ rates include your company information put onto the online Community Resource Guide on the website which will also give a direct link to your company website.  

Please contact Tara Bott at Embracing Change for the current rates or for more information.

Tara Bott