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About Embracing Change Owner ~ Tara Bott

My Story ...


Hello and Welcome! 

Embracing Change has been my life-long journey and now, a dream business venture. It’s also a mindset I had to learn at a very young age. 

Having lost my Mom when I was 8, I know first-hand how quickly life can change, and how we don’t always have the tools and resources available to help us through life transitions. I became an instant “caregiver” to my 4-year-old sister, and a helping hand to my amazing Dad who was also grieving and adjusting. Thankfully taking care of people came naturally to me. And it was also something I thoroughly enjoyed. But being so young, I didn’t know the “right” way to do it. Truth is, regardless of our age, most caregivers struggle to remember to take care of themselves while caring for others. Recognizing this is a common problem that can lead to stress and even burnout, I knew I wanted to help caregivers receive the support they need. But I wasn’t sure how. It wasn’t until I was working in the corporate world as a Director of Resident Services for a Retirement Home, that my vision for Embracing Change came to be. Turns out, there was a gap within our community and it was difficult for our local residents to find the right resources to help them and their loved ones’ embrace all of the changes and challenges that come with an aging family. Having lived in the New Hamburg area my entire life, I knew there were so many incredible businesses and support all around us but it wasn’t easy for anyone to access this information. I felt an instant and strong commitment to be a voice in a voiceless market, and began working on a way to bridge that gap; addressing key issues that impact the health and well-being of older adults, and improve the overall experience for their families and caregivers. My goal with our monthly publication is to build a stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled community, and connect Wilmot, Wellesley & Woolwich Township residents, and their loved ones to all of the wonderful support and resources available locally. 

I never could have imagined losing my mom as a child, but I feel so incredibly lucky to be blessed with the most amazing family. We all learned to lean on each other, and we forever adore and support one another to this day. In life, I believe we are always better and stronger together, and my hope is that Embracing Change serves as your support and guide; connecting and helping where and when you need it most.

In honour of my loving Grandparents who made a lasting impact on my life, and were my greatest inspiration behind this venture -- and for all of the special grandparents in our community, we will go live with our first issue just in time for Grandparents Day, this September 2018.  Thank you for spreading the word. 

We value your contribution so if you have anything to share, new resources, information that may be helpful, any questions or insights, our door is always open. We look forward to hearing from you and growing a stronger community together.